Meeting held between PCC and members of the Black community

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, last week (Wednesday 9 July 2020) met with Black Community Leaders and Black professionals to discuss their perspective on how policing, criminal justice and council services could impro

PCC: Blog 13

In this week's Blog Dr Billings looks at the passing of the Domestic Abuse Bill by the House of Commons and how we need to change culture to rule out unconscious bias that can lead us to respond to people in ways that are wrong or unfair, but unwitting.

PCC Blog: 11

in this week's Blog, Dr Billings discusses the re-opening of the pubs and bars as well as diversity within the workforce.

PCC Blog: 8

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner's weekly blog this week looks at the Black Lives Matter protests from over the weekend and how culture has to change to make tangible and lasting differences.

PAB 11 June 2020 Agenda Pack and Supporting Papers

PAB 11 June 2020 Agenda Pack and Supporting Papers

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Police and Crime Commissioner stands with those horrified by George Floyd’s death in the US

“I firmly believe in justice, equality and accountability, therefore I stand with those who are horrified by the way George Floyd lost his life in the USA and support the peaceful protesters who only wish for their voices to be heard."

PCC to attend Tankersley Parish Council Meeting

Dr Billings has been invited to attend a meeting of Tankersley Parish Council.

On Duty at Christmas

Sheffield Police Awards

It is always something of a privilege to go to police awards evenings, and this year's Sheffield Awards was no exception. You get some sense of the excellent work carried out by police staff and police officers across the city in the various categories:

Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Sunday I attended the annual service and wreath laying in Barker's Pool, Sheffield. There seemed to be larger crowds than usual and many children and young people came, not least the cadets - army, navy, Air Force and, of course, police.


Half of life’s troubles seem to come from unintended consequences. Some years ago a colleague of mine bought a diesel car because she believed that diesel fuel was less polluting than petrol.


Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, spoke on Friday, 25 October about the future of policing to members of the Don Valley Constituency Labour Party in Kilham Community Hall, Branton.