PCC Responds to Results of Policing’s Largest Integrity Project

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “In recent years there have been some shocking revelations about the behaviour of some police officers and staff. In some instances, it was clear that the police already knew about issues that should have led to further investigation and action; but this did not happen. In some cases, police had moved to another force, even though there were warning signs about conduct.

“The public needed to be reassured that nothing had been missed in the past in the vetting process across all forces.

“I therefore support this national review of the historic vetting for all officers and staff – the so-called ‘data wash’.

“I am, of course, very pleased that nothing has been found in the South Yorkshire force that requires any further action.

“I believe this shows that there are robust vetting procedures in place here and that should give the public of South Yorkshire confidence in their police. They can be reassured that the majority of police officers and staff are committed professionals who are dedicated to keeping communities safe.

“However, there will always be the need to maintain these high standards of conduct and to ensure that our strict vetting processes are never relaxed.”

The press release and report can be viewed on the National Police Chiefs’ Council website here.