Police and Crime Plan 2021-22

Violence against women and girls, wildlife and rural crime and speeding and road safety are issues that have been highlighted in the transitional Police and Crime Plan published by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner today.

The Police and Crime Plan is the key document that sets out, on behalf of the public, the priorities for South Yorkshire Police for the year ahead.

This transitional plan became necessary as a result of the PCC election in May, which marked the end of the previous term of office for the PCC, and the previous Plan. It will be for the period of time from now until next April when a new Police and Crime Plan will be published.

Dr Billings said: “I have kept the priorities in the transitional Police and Crime Plan unchanged from the previous Plan.  They are:

  • Protecting Vulnerable People
  • Tackling Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Treating People Fairly

“These priorities reflect what the people of South Yorkshire have told me they expect from their police force in order to keep us safe in the coming months.

“However, they include some new areas of concern that the public have raised with me. These are principally issues around road safety and speeding, violence against women and girls and wildlife and rural crime. They featured repeatedly in my conversations with the public and I will be undertaking further work in the coming months to understand what is being undertaken in these areas, and what more may be needed.

“Aside from the Plan there have been other factors that have impacted on the work of the police. The police had to enforce the emergency Covid19 legislation while dealing with changing crime patterns and demands.

“I have also appointed a new Chief Constable and we have a new Deputy Chief Constable as well. At the same time, the force has recruited many new officers. This has been a time for taking stock and understanding the new challenges and opportunities that we will face in the coming years.

“I am now looking ahead and will be seeking the views of public and partners ready to develop this transitional Plan into a new Police and Crime Plan from April 2022 which will run until the end of my term of office in 2024.”

The transitional Police and Crime Plan can be viewed here.