Road Safety charity Brake was able to deliver their services to bereaved families in South Yorkshire due to funding provided by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dr Alan Billings provides funding to a number of organisations as part of his commissioning budget and Brake secured £2,000 to continue their work with families whose loved ones have lost their lives on the roads of South Yorkshire.

In a report issued by Brake, they detail how the £2,000 was utilised over 2017-18.  The funding provided 80 bereavement packs and 51 phone calls and emails with a dedicated point of contact in the police force.  Their national helpline provided direct support for 25 people involved in 15 crashes.

Dr Billings said: “Brake works with bereaved individuals and families in the aftermath of a fatal road crash, both nationwide and in South Yorkshire.

“While the police do everything they can to investigate the incidents, grieving families can still be left with questions and a big gap in their lives.

The death of a loved one in a road collision comes out of the blue. Families are not prepared, suffer shock and grief and need on-going support.  Brake offers bereavement packs and support to families looking for answers and an understanding of what to do next.”

Brake is a UK-wide road safety charity, and a well-established provider of support to people bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes.

The bereavement packs are provided to bereaved families by the police following every UK road death and have been for more than a decade.

They offer a range of specialist literature online and in hard-copy, such as books for bereaved children and a guide for serious injury victims. The literature provides emotional comfort and information on the array of procedures and practical matters that traumatised families must deal with.

If anyone would like to access support from Brake in the aftermath or a road traffic collision they have a dedicated helpline on 0808 8000 401 or you can find more information on their website  –