Please note that this is an independent area on the website providing information on the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. It is not associated with the current office holder, Dr Alan Billings.

The next Police and Crime Commissioner elections take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

If you are standing as a candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in the South Yorkshire area this section of the website aims to help provide you with, or sign post you to, all the information you need.

There is a short video explaining the role of a Police and Crime Commissioner on the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners website that can be accessed by visiting their website via this link.

Police Area Returning Officer

The Returning Officer for the Barnsley Central Constituency, at present the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Chief Executive, is appointed as the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) in accordance with the Police Reform and Social Responsibly Act 2011.

The PARO is responsible for the overall conduct of the election of a police and crime commissioner for the police area – in this case South Yorkshire – and will coordinate with the Returning Officer within each of the local authorities.

Votes for each district will be counted locally and will be announced by the PARO at the count in Barnsley on Monday 10 May.

Election information, including the PCC elections is available on their website:

Pre-Election Period

The pre-election period (also referred to as Purdah) is the period between the time an election is announced and the date the election is held.

This period generally starts between four and six weeks before the date of the election and is announced by government.

For full guidance on the pre-election period from the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners click here.

Use of the OPCC Website

After consultation the OPCC Chief Executive has agreed the following use of the OPCC website during the PCC election campaign period.

It is hoped the information and links provided on this webpage includes sufficient information for all prospective candidates. Our aim is to provide the same information to everyone.

  • Any potential candidate may refer to or link to the OPCC website.
  • The OPCC website will continue to operate throughout the election as a source of information.
  • The incumbent PCC will not be permitted to use the OPCC website for campaigning. However, as stated above, references and links to the website are permitted as this is already in the public domain and used for legitimate OPCC/PCC activity.
  • This election page will be updated and maintained by the OPCC throughout the election process. All requests from candidates for information will be captured and published on the page.
  • A joint Chief Executive Officer and Chief Constable Election Protocol has been published and is available here: South Yorkshire Election Protocol
  • Any questions should be directed to the Chief Executive via the details below.


If you need any further information that is not provided by these webpages please contact:

Linsey Jordan

Tel: 0114 296 4142


All requests for information will be logged and all responses will be published on these PCC election webpages on the Published Information Requests section. All requests will be anonymised before publication.