The Independent Advisory Panel for Policing Protests (APPP) is an independent body established by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Members of the APPP have been drawn from the PCC’s existing Independent Ethics Panel, and the Independent Advisory Panel for Minority Communities, to represent a cross-section of communities from across South Yorkshire.

The Panel is convened when the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is advised by Police Operational Support that a march or protest is being held in South Yorkshire and is likely to require policing presence. It is chaired by the Chair of the Independent Ethics Panel, Andrew Lockley.

The Panel was set up in March 2016, following a review into the engagement of South Yorkshire Police with Rotherham communities in connection with the 5 September 2015 protests in the town.


Aims of the Panel

  1. To assist the communities of South Yorkshire to understand the role of the police in relation to protests and demonstrations, in partnership with the engagement teams of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and South Yorkshire Police (SYP).
  2. To offer a formal channel for consultation and advice* to SYP on: routes; possible conditions; and applications for prohibition, where statutory criteria are me.
  3. To seek to limit the negative impact which protests and demonstrations have on communities across South Yorkshire, whilst recognising that people have a democratic right to protest.
  4. To provide independent support and challenge to SYP in the planning and learning stages of managing protests and marches, across South Yorkshire.


* This is not intended to replace the Force engagement and intelligence-gathering that should occur as part of normal operational business.


Indpendent Advisory Panel for Policing Protests Terms of Reference

Panel Members