Giving Back: The Commissioner’s Community (POCA) Grants Scheme is now closed. 



The Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, has a vision for “South Yorkshire to be a safe place to live, learn, work and travel.” Giving Back, The Commissioner’s Community Grant’s Scheme, is aimed at empowering non-profit organisations to contribute towards achieving this vision.

The scheme is funded from the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and the PCC’s policing budget. The Proceeds of Crime Act refers to monies confiscated from criminals and awarded to worthy causes to help reduce crime and the impacts of crime in South Yorkshire. The PCC also allocates funding from his budget to make up the total scheme value.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has awarded almost £2 million in grants since the community scheme was launched in 2014. Each year we award up to £150,000 to deliver projects that help to address local crime-related problems and keep people safe.


Deadline: TBA

Funding amount: Up to £10,000

Maximum project length: Up to 12 months

Application process: Online form – link not available

Guidance Notes

The scheme is now closed. Please keep an eye on our website for details of future deadlines.


Non-profit organisations are invited to apply for up to £10,000 to develop and deliver projects based in South Yorkshire. Projects can be focused on specific communities, neighbourhood, districts or county-wide.

To be eligible to apply, organisations should meet the following criteria:

  • A non-profit organisation e.g. charity, voluntary organisation, company interest company, etc.
  • A bank account that requires a minimum of two signatures for withdrawals and payments
  • A written governing document e.g. a constitution/articles of association/trust deeds, or similar
  • If working with children, young people or vulnerable adults, a Safeguarding Policy with all delivery staff holding an enhanced DBS certificate

Please note, we do not make grants for activities delivered and managed by South Yorkshire Police. Officers are advised to approach their line manager or explore internal funding opportunities. 


We fund projects that are aimed at keeping people safe, helping to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and supporting victims of crime, particularly in disadvantaged areas of South Yorkshire.

All projects must contribute towards achieving one of the following areas of focus, as set out in the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Plan:

Protecting Vulnerable People

1.a    Working in partnership to protect vulnerable people through early intervention and prevention, supporting those with mental health needs and targeted interventions

1.b        Provision to tackle Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) including sexual and other forms of abuse, abuses typically hidden from view e.g. ‘honour’-based violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriage and education/awareness raising to produce societal shifts and attitude change

1.c         Domestic abuse programmes to support victims, better understand effects on children and increase awareness on types of abuse including online, involving technology and familial

1.d        Tackling exploitation of adults and children including safeguarding and prevention against sexual and other forms of exploitation, child criminal exploitation such as county lines and modern slavery and human trafficking

1.e         Identifying, safeguarding and preventing child sexual exploitation inclusive of online offending

1.f         Preventative and supportive programmes aimed at children and adults vulnerable to online exploitation, fraud and cyber crimes

Tackling Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

2.a       Addressing neighbourhood crimes and promoting community cohesion inclusive of anti-social behaviour, burglary, vehicle crime, robbery, theft or hate crime

2.b        Non-statutory intervention, prevention and treatment efforts to help tackle supply and demand of drugs

2.c         Activities to prevent and tackle organised crime gangs and serious violence including use of knives and guns

2.f         Activities to help address rural and wildlife crime

2.g         Projects to support and promote road safety


Funding can be used to establish new activities, to build on existing provision or to trial something completely new as a pilot project. We welcome imaginative and innovative projects that offer effective ways of meeting and addressing the Commissioner’s areas of focus, as detailed in the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Plan.

We fund lots of different types of activities. These can include:

  • Activities for young people such as sport, music, environmental activities, media, performing arts, social action
  • Activities to support targeted groups such as veterans, care leavers, Black and Minority Ethnic groups, victims of crime, etc.
  • Training, education and support programmes to change behaviours, reduce risk factors and break down barriers
  • Mentoring and peer support projects to engage young people and vulnerable adults
  • Activities to help victims of crime and groups identified as vulnerable or at risk
  • Awareness raising and education programmes exploring issues identified in the Police & Crime Plan such as road safety, cyber-crime and other online threats, violence against women and girls and domestic abuse
  • Social action projects designed to bring local people together to address local priorities and needs
  • Activities to tackle rural and wildlife crimes such as fly-tipping, damage caused by off-road vehicles, etc.


Funding is available to cover direct project costs including:

  • Staff costs
  • Transport
  • Equipment and resources
  • Supplies and services
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Venue hire

Please see the Guidance Notes for further information.


Before applying, please consider the following questions to determine your eligibility:

  1. Are you a non-profit organisation? This can include a registered charity, community interest company, voluntary organisation or unregistered group
  2. Will the project take place in South Yorkshire i.e. Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield? Delivery can take place at a neighbourhood, district or county-wide level.
  3. Can your project be delivered in 12 months and for up to £10,000?
  4. Are the items you are seeking funding for eligible under the scheme requirements?
  5. Does your project directly contribute to an area of focus in the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Plan?


Before applying, please download and read our Guidance Notes.

You can apply by accessing our online form – link not available  

A list of useful resources can be found below



The Grants Panel meets multiple times per year to review applications. The funding deadlines are:

  • TBC


Assessment: All applications are reviewed by a grant panel made up of representatives from the OPCC, Violence Reduction Unit and South Yorkshire Police. They are scored against the following criteria:

  1. Clear links and contribution to the PCP
  2. Well-developed project idea and clear methodology appropriate to need and PCP area of focus
  3. Evidence of need
  4. Cost effective budget with eligible items
  5. Strength of partnership working
  6. Confidence in monitoring measures and ability to deliver

Due Diligence: Applications recommended for funding by the panel are subject to Due Diligence checks before a grant is awarded. These checks include consulting with your local neighbourhood inspector and relevant colleagues in your local authority and governance checks on your organisation.

Notification: Successful applicants are then notified by telephone or email in the event that they cannot be reached.