ISVA Service

Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, or ISVAs as they are often known, play a hugely important role in supporting victims of rape and sexual violence. They are victim-focused advocates who work with people who have experienced sexual violence to access the services they need. ISVAs support victims through the process, whether or not the victim makes a report to the police, and if they do report an ISVA will provide support whether the case goes to trial and afterwards.

The South Yorkshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are keen to gather the views and experiences of the Public of South Yorkshire in relation to specialist victim support services. Your views are valued, whether or not you have been a victim of crime, and can be used to ensure we have the correct support in place for victims:

ISVA Survey – Click HERE


The purpose of the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (“SARC”) services is to co-ordinate and simplify the pathway for all victims of rape and sexual assault or abuse to access wider healthcare, social care and criminal justice processes to improve individual health and well-being, as well as criminal justice outcomes. The SARC does not just refer to a building but embraces a range of assessment and support services in close partnership with other established agencies. SARC facilities typically provide three main elements following disclosure: healthcare; forensic examinations; and visually recorded interviews, supporting Achieving Best Evidence. NHS England and the Yorkshire and the Humber Police & Crime Commissioners and the Mayor of West Yorkshire currently jointly commission a single Adult SARC Service that is delivered across the YatH region each police force area retains its own SARC premises from which the Adult SARC service is delivered. Victims are able to be seen at any of the four regional YatH SARC premises as appropriate to meet their needs. The Commissioners also jointly commission four separate Child Sexual Assault Assessment Services (“CSAAS”) for all children and young people aged 0 to 16 years who have disclosed sexual abuse or assault, or where it is suspected that it has happened.


The Adult SARC and CSAAS contracts are all due to expire within the next 2 years and a procurement exercise for both adult & paediatric SARC services has recently commenced. Commissioners would like to get your views and/or experiences through the survey below to help shape the future contracts:

SARC Survey – Click HERE