No More: Violence Against Women and Girls

As part of a bold new campaign, South Yorkshire women have united in a rallying cry to everyone across the UK - to stand with us as allies and create spaces where women feel safe.

The campaign is funded by the Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner through a bid to the Safer Streets Fund and is delivered by South Yorkshire Police. It has been developed with input from the force’s Independent Advisory Group for VAWG, made up of those who have lived experience of VAWG, or who work in organisations that support women and girls who have experienced this type of violence.

Stand with us and say No More to violence against women and girls

The ‘No More’ campaign is centred around the microaggressions and acts of violence that women face every day, with a particular focus on those most prevalent in the night time economy.

Powerful statements lay bare the unacceptable situations too many women and girls experience on a night out:

“I said we could dance, not dry hump.”

“No more pressing against me at the bar.”

“I didn’t ask how my boobs look.”

“No more d**k pics.”

Now we ask both women and men to join the fightback, urging bystanders in these situations to become upstanders who call out violence, harassment, intimidation, humiliation or misogyny for what it is.

In addition, the campaign’s video and imagery star real women from our communities here in South Yorkshire. South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “In order to address the issue of violence against women and girls it is important that we do something about those attitudes that minimise abuse and those behaviours that have often been made to seem normal.

“We want women to feel safe in our communities. We have heard time and time again about behaviours that make women feel uncomfortable, yet they are expected to put up with them. We want to see this changed.

“We want to raise awareness and encourage those who witness inappropriate behaviour and hear inappropriate comments to call them out and report them, and to be willing to stand up for and support victims.

“If left unchallenged, this type of behaviour can escalate, and in some cases lead to serious crime and violence against women and girls. Women are harassed and abused every day, and we need to stop it.

“Preventing violence is always better than solely responding after the harm has been done. We need to see more investment in prevention so that as a society, we can continue to have these difficult but necessary conversations and build a different future without violence against women and girls.”

Find out more on the No More website.