£1 Million of Funding to Support Victims of Violence and Sexual Abuse

Victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in South Yorkshire will benefit from an extra £1 million of funding from the Ministry of Justice, following a successful bid by the Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

Two different allocations have been awarded to the OPCC and this money will be distributed to charities and community-based support services top provide a funding boost to support victims across the force area between now and March 2023.

Funding of £683,667 has been awarded to fund extra posts as part of the Independent Sexual Abuse Advisors (ISVA) and Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor (IDVA) provision in South Yorkshire. The ISVA funding will be used specifically to support children.

Working alongside local authorities, local partners and victim services commissioned by the OPCC, the IDVAs and ISVAs will provide practical and emotional support and advocacy for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings has also committed a further £51,185 to bring the total allocation to £734,852.

An extra £314,710 has also been awarded to support community-based support services. This is split £251,955 allocated to domestic abuse services and £62,755 to fund sexual violence services across the county. Again this has been supplemented with funding provided by Dr Billings.

Dr Billings said: “This money is very welcomed as it will enhance services already provided in South Yorkshire and alleviate some of the additional pressures placed on services during the pandemic.

“It will ensure that support and resources can be offered quickly to all those vulnerable victims and survivors when they need it, wherever they live in the county.

“Whilst the majority of victims in these situations are female this funding will also be used to support male victims and children who are also victims of domestic abuse and also need help and support.

The money has been allocated as follows:

ISVA & IDVA Funding:

                                                                             2021-22           2022-2023

Provider of South Yorkshire ISVA Service       £67,430           £69,716

IDAS Sheffield                                                    £100,098         £120,000

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council     £79,513.33      £81,987.17

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council    £34,432           £34,943.55

IDAS Barnsley                                                      £66,732            £80,000

Total                                                                    £348,205          £386,647

Community Support Services:

Haven House Project (Sheffield) – £33,112

Vida Sheffield (Sheffield) – £23,040

Saffron Sheffield (Sheffield) – £22,440

Roshni Sheffield Asian Women’s Resource Centre (Sheffield) – £25,000

Young Women’s Housing Project (Sheffield) – £27,151.03

Rotherham Rise (Rotherham) – £78,000

Changing Lives (Doncaster) – £39,000

Riverside (Doncaster) – £8,300

Mums In Need (Sheffield) – £18,000

Ashiana Sheffield – £36,108.00

APNA HAQ (Rotherham) – £30,121.74

Phoenix WoMen’s Aid (Doncaster) – £34,467.68

Total: £374,740.45