As part of the Commissioner’s Community Grant Scheme, Dr Alan Billings went along to the Angleton Meeting Rooms in the Manor, Sheffield on Tuesday, 3 November to hand over a  cheque for £10,000 to local community group MASKK.

Project Manager Craig Judson said: “This funding will provide targeted diversionary activities across the Manor. Creating Junior Clubs with positive role models that include play-work, sports & games and opportunities to enjoy & achieve. We aim to make a big impact in reducing antisocial behaviour across the Manor.

“We are also planning to increase the time service workers can spend with the young people to help make positive impressions on their lives.”

MASKK was formed in 1999 to meet the needs of the local community in regards to activities for children and young people. Since then MASKK has grown, developed and changed in response to the community’s changing needs. Their main projects areas are childcare for children aged four to fifteen, which is affordable for local families on low income, Respite activities for children and young people with disabilities, open access activity sessions and volunteering opportunities for people to gain skills and training.

The group plan to provide diversionary activities but also aim to provide encouragement and good role models to the local children.

Dr Billings said:  “This is a perfect example of a community organisation offering valuable services to those that need them most.  Many young parents, carers and children are helped

“I hope this funding allows MASKK further opportunities to develop their service and continue to work in collaboration with the police and in their neighbourhood.

For more information on MASKK visit their website www.maskk.org.uk