YMCA White Rose received a cheque for £4,756 from the Police and Crime Commissioner at a visit to Chaucer School on Wednesday, 5 April 2017.

Providing funding to the organisation from his community grant scheme, Dr Billings attended an open-access group in the school where young people attend once their school day has finished.

The funding will provide the young people with a group that they can attend, with positive role models providing a range of information on positive relationships, drugs, alcohol, self-esteem and identity.

Dr Billings said: “Young people are faced with different challenges in today’s society.  With social media, technology, appearance so important to them, it is important they have positive role models available who can explain issues that they may be embarrassed or uncertain in talking about.

“Groups such as YMCA White Rose understand the issues.  They have people who can engage with the pupils, providing important information on lifestyle choices and the dangers around engaging in certain activities.

“The group I spoke to at Chaucer School were keen to understand the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner.  I was pleased to hear that some were applying to the police cadets and considering a career in the police service.”

YMCA White Rose work with many young people in deprived communities and are targeting the Parson Cross area utilising the grant funding.

Jonathan Buckley, YMCA White Rose Manager said: “It’s been a privilege working with some amazing young people in Parson Cross over the past 18 months. We’ve seen the young people that we work with grow and learn and develop as individuals. The grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner will help enable us to continue our work in Parson Cross, helping local young people become active members of their local community.”