Hanover Tenants Association received a visit from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings last week when he called in to present them with a cheque for grant funding.

The community group were presented with a cheque for £855 from the Commissioner to fund an employment and skills project, to help residents find full time employment.

Dr Alan Billings said: “The work tenants and residents associations do across South Yorkshire is invaluable to local communities.”

“This is especially true for Hanover tenants and residents association.  This local community group work closely with those who wish to develop their skills and gain opportunities

The project operates for two days per week and last year found full time work for 15 local residents.  This allows them to come away from the benefits system and away from opportunities to participate in crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Andrew Woodhead, Treasurer for the Hanover Tenants Association said: “The initiative is available in Broomhall but we also have clients from Burngreave and Darnall.  The employment and skills officer has good links with the minority communities and to training providers and employers.

“We have volunteers who give this project 30 volunteer hours per week, including computing and accountancy support.”

There is also a public access internet suite which operates on the days the employment and skills project is not working. For more information on the project, please contact Andrew Woodhead on 07766 367757 or e-mail [email protected]