“There has been some comment recently about the low detection rate for burglaries in South Yorkshire. Although I can see that some burglaries will be difficult to solve: where there are no finger prints, no DNA, no CCTV and no witnesses, for example.  Nevertheless this is something I shall be taking up with the Chief Constable, though I note that in all the metropolitan areas it is a similar story.

“But the big news story about burglaries was that the number of burglaries actually fell in South Yorkshire. The figures released by the Office for National Statistics two weeks ago show a 14% reduction across South Yorkshire which equates to just over 2,000 fewer offences. These crimes have been going down and down. And one reason for that is that the police are getting good at disrupting the activities of known offenders.

“We need to improve detection rates, but let’s not lose sight of the good news: burglaries are down.”