Police officers in Rotherham were awarded Chief Superintendent Commendations today (Monday, 6 July) by Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin and Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings.

The officers were picked out by the District Commander for going above and beyond in their work within Rotherham. All fifteen were invited to a short presentation at Rotherham Main Street Police Station to receive their certificates.

Dr Billings said: “I congratulate all the officers receiving commendations today. I realise that all officers and staff in Rotherham work hard, but it is good to recognise those who have stood out in some way and for them to receive recognition for their efforts.

“Today’s presentation has given me the opportunity to speak with and thank them for their commitment and dedication to South Yorkshire.”

The commendations were presented to the officers for a range of reasons from their involvement in the firearms Operation Clearview that resulted in three men receiving a total of seventeen and a half years prison sentence,  to dealing with an attempted suicide and a serious domestic abuse incident.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin said:  “I am exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication of my officers here in Rotherham.  Well done to all of those receiving commendations today.

“I hope the recognition they receive today will show them how well thought of they are by their colleagues and myself.”

All officers receiving District Commander Commendations were Detective Constable Alex Dorlin, Detective Sergeant David Clarkson, Police Constable David Pattimore, Detective Constable Catherine Hayes, Detective Constable Michael Shaw, Detective Constable Iain Martin,  Detective Constable John Tewson, Police Constable Brett Thompson, Detective Inspector Steve Ashmore, Detective Constable Mark Kimberley, Detective Constable Gemma Crossland, Police Constable Chris Wright, Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth and Superintendent Paul McCurry.