Dr Alan Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, would like to hear your thoughts on policing in South Yorkshire and what you feel are new or emerging priorities so that this can influence his priorities in the Police and Crime Plan.

Dr Billings said: “I have a legal duty as Police and Crime Commissioner to consult with the public on what they feel are current priorities for South Yorkshire Police. I do this in three ways: I talk to people directly; I have engagement officers who will be attending events throughout South Yorkshire over the coming weeks to speak to people there; and I invite people to contact me or take part in an on-line survey.

“I need to know what people feel are the emerging priorities for policing. We understand some things.

“We know, for instance, that the police will have to be concerned with growing numbers of vulnerable people. These may be the elderly, or some of those with mental health issues, or children at risk of abuse. But there may be others. I would be glad of suggestions.

“There are also growing concerns around cyber crime.  We need to look at ways of ensuring people are safe on-line and understand the risks of fraud and scams.

“Hate crime is more prominent and more needs to be done to help people understand what hate crime is. We want our communities to be places of tolerance and respect for others.

“These are all areas that we are aware of, but I still need the views of the public to help understand what will make them feel safe in their homes and communities.  One part of the county may have different issues from another.

“Your views will help me prioritise areas of concern and form intelligence for the police to work with in reviewing neighbourhood policing.”