Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner attended a meeting of Stainforth Town Council on Tuesday, 24 January 2017in Stainforth, Doncaster.

The meeting was chaired by Steve Cook, the Mayor of Stainforth and the Town Council Chair.  The council members raised a number of issues throughout the meeting, but their primary concern was the anti-social behaviour in the area caused by young people.

The local police Inspector Mark Payling advised that he would look into the issues raised at the meeting and get back to them with an update in due course.

Dr Billings said: “I have visited Stainforth Town Council tonight as part of my engagement with the public of South Yorkshire.  The council members have expressed some concerns over young people in the area causing anti-social behaviour.

“Inspector Payling will be looking into the issues raised and keeping me and the council updated.  I agree with the councillors that repeated anti-social behaviour can undermine a sense of security and safety just as much as crime.

“All across South Yorkshire, the continuing cuts in government grant to local authorities is resulting in the reduction of youth activities.  This can be one cause of anti-social behaviour. The police will do what they can to work with councils and residents, but their numbers are not what they were.

“The councillors did express their thanks to the police tonight for the increased visibility in the town and for more regular contact and feedback from Inspector Payling and local PCSOs.

Dr Billings was also asked about further cuts in the police grant and the implications for the reduction in police officers.

He said: “There have been further cuts in the police grant provided by the Government.  If I increase the council tax precept by the maximum amount permitted, I would be able to keep police numbers stable next year at about 2,400 officers. I appreciate that most household are really starting to feel the squeeze from austerity, but for most household in Stainforth, this would only mean a 6p per week increase.”

The Commissioner is currently consulting with the public to gauge their opinions on a rise in council tax precept and will make a final decision next month.