Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner went along to Roundabout in Sheffield on Wednesday, 8 November to see how they plan to spend the £5,000 grant funding they have been awarded.

As part of the Commissioner’s Community Grant Scheme, Dr Billings went along to the hostel to see for himself the recent refurbishment and the work they doing in helping vulnerable young people leave a life of drug and alcohol abuse behind them and become self sufficient.

Roundabout received the funding towards their Alcohol and Substance Misuse Support Worker Debbie Marsh. Debbie works with the young people who are housed, supported or advised by Roundabout.

As soon as any difficulties around substances are identified, a referral is made to the Support Worker. Tailored one-to-one sessions are arranged so the young person can discuss their substance use and make informed decisions.

Chief Executive Officer, Ben Keegan said: “This funding is extremely important to the continued service that we provide to vulnerable young people.  Preventative group workshops are provided here at Roundabout where young people can talk openly, encouraging them to learn new ways to reduce the impact that substances may have on their lives.

“This support is worked into their needs assessment plan alongside any other support that is identified by their key worker. This role has been in place for three years and in this time young people who accessed this service showed improved awareness of the affects of alcohol and substance misuse and subsequently reduced their intake, with many cutting them out altogether”.

Roundabout’s Alcohol and Substance Misuse Support Worker has a case load of ten young people at any one time, and each young person accesses the support for approximately six months.

Dr Alan Billings said: “It was a very informative visit to Roundabout to speak with Ben Keegan and Debbie Marsh.  The work they are doing here with young people is extremely important for changing around young people’s lives and providing them with choices and opportunities.

“I met with Connor on my visit.  Connor is a resident at the hostel and provided an excellent example of how a young boy can address issues in his life, with the support of others.

“I would like to express my thanks to everyone at Roundabout for the work they do with these individuals”.

If you would like more information on Roundabout and the work they do you can visit their website –