Dr Alan Billings Takes Office as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire

Dr Alan Billings has been sworn in as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner following his election victory yesterday.

The swearing in ceremony took place today (Tuesday 11 May 2021) at Barnsley Town Hall and was officiated by the Police Area Returning Officer, Sarah Norman, Chief Executive of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Today’s ceremony, at which Dr Billings took the legal oath which requires him to act without fear or favour towards all members of the public however they voted, was the point at which Dr Billings officially takes on the role for the next three years. The term of office is normally four years but is reduced to three after the elections were postponed from May 2020 due to the pandemic.

Dr Billings said: “I am honoured that the public of South Yorkshire has for a third time put their trust in me to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for the next three years. I was pleased that I was elected on first preference votes and by a much bigger margin than in all previous elections.

“Having been in this role now for just over six years I have seen how far the force has improved and how tirelessly the officers and staff have worked to protect the public. I will continue to hold the Force to account whilst, at the same time, supporting them in carrying out their over-riding task of keeping communities safe.

“I will continue to listen to communities, businesses, partners and individuals to ensure that their voices are reflected in decisions that affect policing and services to victims of crime. I am looking forward to getting out and about within communities once again, as Covid restrictions are lifted.”

The elections were delayed from last year due to Covid and arrangement were put in place across the county to ensure voting could be done safely and in line with Covid guidelines.

Dr Billings added: “Running a smooth election process is never easy but this year has been particularly difficult for all those involved to ensure the safety of those voting and those staffing the polling stations and count. I would like to extend my thanks to all those who ensured a smooth election process.”