Dr Billings Seeks to Reassure Communities Following Two Recent Murders

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner is sending a message to communities following recent violent incidents, particularly in the Sheffield area.

“In recent weeks we have seen two violent murders in Sheffield. This has caused distress to families and anxiety in communities,” he said.

“The Chief Constable has assured me that there is increased visible police presence in those areas that have been affected and this will continue whilst investigations are ongoing.

“Without commenting on the latest incidents, we need to remember that violent crimes involving weapons are relatively rare and, whilst alarming, do not normally affect the public at large.

“Tackling violent crime is an absolute priority for South Yorkshire Police and they recently established an Armed Crime Team to tackle this.

“The police are working very closely with partners, including my own Violence Reduction Unit and local authorities, to ensure that South Yorkshire remains as safe as possible.

“Much of this criminality is a legacy from that time when police officer numbers were cut – by 20,000 nationally and 500 in South Yorkshire.

“The government has now committed to put back the numbers that were cut and we will go beyond that in South Yorkshire to fund from our own resources an additional 220 officers by 2024.”