The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Engagement Team visited Maltby Library on Wednesday 26 October to talk with local residents about policing priorities.

As part of the Commissioner’s statutory obligations, he is required to consult with the public.  His engagement team do this on his behalf by attending local events and community groups throughout the region.

Dr Alan Billings said: “My engagement team will be embarking on a number of visits throughout the coming weeks to speak with members of the public.  They act as a conduit for information I need to help me plan policing priorities and understand the needs of local residents in each area,

“Maltby Library was a very successful visit for them and they were able to provide me with some invaluable information.  Residents who spoke with Mel Staples and Tracy Webster advised them that they did see PCSOs on the High Street; they feel safe in Maltby because they are part of the community and that ‘normal’ Bobbies do a great job!

“It wasn’t all good news however, with some commenting on the confidence in the police, with one even expressing being ashamed to come from South Yorkshire and another providing comment that it depends on which ‘copper’ you speak to.

“This is all invaluable feedback from people living in South Yorkshire communities and all comments and suggestions will be evaluated and acted upon.”

The engagement team will be conducting more visits throughout South Yorkshire in the coming weeks and months.  If you have a community group or event that you would like to invite them along to, please email [email protected]