Further funding awarded to Hexthorpe to build on successful Safer Streets project

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, Dr Alan Billings, has been awarded a further £100,000 pounds to add to the £549,964 which was secured in the summer to create the Safer Streets project in Hexthorpe, Doncaster.

The Home Office offered PCCs from across England and Wales the opportunity to bid for the funding from a £25million scheme which aims to crack down on burglary and theft in crime hotspots across the country.

Dr Billings has been granted and additional £100,000, to develop and increase the work already going on in Hexthorpe, Doncaster.

In the summer the PCC was awarded funding which was put towards improved street lighting and CCTV in the area. This further funding will be put towards further safety features specifically ANPR cameras and enhanced CCTV improvements.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “This further funding will really help an excellent project and will build on the hard work that has already been done.

“The funding was awarded to the PCC for Hexthorpe after reviewing police data, working in close partnership with the local authority and following feedback from police officers and members of the community.

“We will now work with South Yorkshire Police and the local authority to ensure that the community benefits from all of the funding we have secured.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Glyn Jones, said: “We welcome the extra funding to the Hexthorpe area as we look to strengthen our surveillance in the area and, ultimately, make residents feel safer on the streets.

“We hope to see some tangible benefits and results directly from this monies and are looking forward to working with the police and other partner agencies to achieve this.”