Further funding made available to support victims of domestic abuse

Further funding has now been made available to Dr Alan Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, to support victims of domestic abuse during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In May the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced a package of additional urgent funding in response to COVID-19, known as extraordinary funding. The funding is being made available to support people affected by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

As part of this the PCC has been allocated £475,252.95 to give to charities and organisations who are most in need.

Dr Alan Billing said: “Covid-19 has caused immense distress in all sorts of ways, and lives have been disrupted beyond comprehension, Most of us are able to wait out the storm in the comparative safety of our own homes

“Sadly, this is not the case for everyone, and instances of domestic abuse have gone up considerably. Many have found themselves locked in the place where they feel least safe – their homes with their abusers.

“The work of domestic abuse and sexual abuse charities and organisations has never been more imperative so this funding couldn’t come at a better time.

“The funding will be used to ensure those who need help get it. It will be used to secure help such therapy and counselling, increased staff availability and transport to get vulnerable people to a safe place if necessary.”

The funding has been allocated to Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence charities across South Yorkshire and is already being put to good use.