Further Home Office funding secured to support Ben Needham Investigation

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has secured further funding from the Home Office to allow South Yorkshire Police to continue to support the Greek authorities in the search for Ben Needham.

Ben Needham went missing almost 25-years ago on the Greek island of Kos where he was staying with his mother Kerry in July 1991.

Since then Kerry Needham, Ben’s mum, has been supported by South Yorkshire Police in the search for Ben.

Last year the Commissioner applied for and received Home Office Special Grant Funding to allow South Yorkshire Police to commit further resources to the investigation into Ben’s disappearance. Now a further £450,000 has been approved by the Home Secretary which will allow work to continue until October 2016.

Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “Ben’s mum, Kerry, has spent almost 25-years searching for her son. I fully support   South Yorkshire Police in their ongoing pursuit of the facts. They have worked hard in facilitating the Greek authorities investigation into Ben’s disappearance.  They have unearthed many new witnesses and have been able to rule out other lines of enquiry.  Along with the Chief Constable, I remain committed to finding Ben.

“The extra funding allows the team to be strengthened with experienced detectives who will follow up the new leads.  We remain hopeful that this will lead to a resolution one way or another.”