As part of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s grant scheme, Dr Billings handed over a cheque for £2,499 to Golddigger Trust.

The charity, which is an established youth work charity, have worked with thousands of young people across South Yorkshire, delivering sessions with pupils in schools raising awareness of the dangers of child sexual exploitation, especially on-line and the need for healthy relationships.

Dr Billings said: “Young people are of an age where they are very susceptible to grooming. They are enticed by those who seem to offer them attention and love – whether they meet them on the street or on the internet. The promise of gifts and fun is tempting.

“Many do not see the dangers that lie ahead and how those who seem to befriend them have ulterior motives with potentially devastating consequences.

“The work that Golddigger do in schools is invaluable.

“I have funded the project £2,499 to continue this work across Sheffield.  Guiding young people aged between 13 and 18 through innovative and creative sessions. The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ session allows groups of young people to explore consequences and choices around these topics through a larger than life ‘boardgame’.

“This funding will engage with around 1000 young people in Sheffield Schools.”