Hillsborough Statement

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner said: “My job is to hold South Yorkshire Police to account and to ensure that today’s officers understand both the gravity of what happened in 1989 and subsequently, and the impact that had and continues to have on the families and others.

“I must also be sure that the force is sincere in its apology and has taken all necessary steps to ensure that nothing like this could ever happen again.

“I believe the statement from South Yorkshire Police makes clear the sincerity and depth of the regret that is felt here and the determination to work with the families and others to be as helpful as possible in settling the matter of compensation.

“In the end, there is no way of compensating for the losses and the suffering and I would join with the force in recognising that as we continue to think of all those affected.”


South Yorkshire Police has issued the following statement on their website:

A/Chief Constable Lauren Poultney said: “We offer an unreserved apology to those affected by the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath.

“We acknowledge that serious errors and mistakes were made by South Yorkshire Police, both on 15 April 1989 and during the subsequent investigations.

“Those actions on the day of the disaster tragically led to lives being lost and many being injured.

“The force’s subsequent failings also caused huge distress, suffering and pain, both to the victims and their families. This is something South Yorkshire Police profoundly regrets.

Since 2016, we have worked closely and in a constructive manner with the legal representatives of the families affected by the Hillsborough tragedy to agree a scheme to compensate those affected. We know these settlements can never make up for what they have lost and suffered.

“We would like to thank the families for their dignified approach, which has enabled us to progress and agree that scheme. Today, our thoughts continue to be with them and the loved ones they have lost.”