“The overall judgement is in line with the findings of the Peer Review I commissioned in May last year. This report and the review together give the new Chief Constable a very clear idea of what he must do to get South Yorkshire Police into a better place.

“It is a mixed picture.

“The most worrying comments are those around vulnerability. The force has already begun to take steps to ensure that officers understand the seriousness of domestic abuse and the need to care for victims. I shall be asking the Chief Constable to update me on progress regularly throughout the coming year. This is an area where progress only comes with confidence in the force.

“At the heart of the report is the recognition that neighbourhood policing has been allowed to deteriorate and must be re-established. Good neighbourhood policing helps communities to feel safe as well as be safe, and is the source of the local intelligence that will make the force more effective in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

“One area of effective practice is the way South Yorkshire Police tackle serious and organised crime, including those offenders who pose a risk to the community. This is important to note since recent incidents involving firearms have caused some anxieties. The report indicates that this is something that the force is on top of.

“I shall be asking the Chief Constable for regular updates on progress as the year goes on.”