Latest ONS Statistics Show Decrease in Firearms Offences in South Yorkshire

The latest Office of National Statistic (ONS) figures for police recorded crime show a decrease in the number of firearms offences, which have reduced by 16 per cent compared to a decrease of 5% across Yorkshire and the Humber.

This compares to an increase of 2% across England and Wales as a whole.

This covers the period from June 2021 to June 2022 compared to the previous 12-month period.

Total recorded crime (excluding fraud) increased in South Yorkshire by 14 per cent, the same as Yorkshire and the Humber. England and Wales saw a slightly smaller increase of 13%.

Drugs offences reduced by 15 per cent over the 12-month period.

The recorded level of residential burglary increased by 13% in SY. This compares to a smaller increase of 2% across Yorkshire and Humber. England and Wales saw no percentage change.

Other increases were lower than or in line with regional and national figures.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner said: “We must always treat these statistics with some caution. They can vary considerably from year to year.

“The more important figures are those for trends over a longer period of time. In addition, these comparisons include the time when crime was still being impacted by coronavirus.

“Crime fell during this time and then began to rise towards pre-coronavirus figures.

As usual, there is a mixed bag of results for South Yorkshire.

“Overall crime levels rose by 14% South Yorkshire, slightly higher than the 13% in England and Wales.

“I am pleased to see that firearms offences fell considerably by 16% when across the country they rose by 2%, though this week’s incident in Doncaster means that we can never be complacent around crime involving weapons.

“I am also pleased that drug offences fell by 15% this is a slightly larger decrease than across Yorkshire and the Humber of -12% and -13% across England and Wales, though I hope that the decrease in drug offences means that there have been fewer crimes involving drugs and not a lack of pro-active policing.”

“Residential burglary rose, as did knife crime and these are areas where I have asked South Yorkshire Police to redouble their efforts.”

Below is the analysis of change in recorded crime for the 12 months to June 22 compared to the previous 12 months to June 21.


  • Firearm Offences (-16%)
  • Drug offences (-15%)

Increase: Recorded level of crime increasing July 21 to June 22 compared to July 20 to June 21 across SY. Highest increase to lowest.

  • Robbery (28%)
  • Knife Crime (20%)
  • Theft (19%)
  • Violence against the person (16%)
  • Total recorded crime (excl. fraud) (14%)
  • Residential burglary (13%)
  • Sexual Offences (11%)
  • Criminal Damage and Arson (10%)
  • Public Order Offences (10%)
  • Misc. Crimes against society (3%)
  • Stalking and Harassment (3%)

No change:

  • Possession of Weapons (0%)

The ONS report for England and Wales can be viewed here: