Dr Billings spoke at an event in Sheffield Town Hall on Monday, 26 October at which the Sheffield Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy was launched.

Many of the city’s voluntary organisations that seek to help women and children caught up in domestic abuse and sexual violence were present.

Dr Billings said:  “I am pleased to support the Sheffield strategy. At a time when all public services are being squeezed it is essential that we all collaborate and make the best use of the resources and expertise we each have.

“This strategy complements the police and crime plan and the priority I set down there for the police to protect vulnerable people. Women caught up in controlling and abusive relationships – domestic abuse – need help, and the police have an important role to play.

“I am also pleased that for those women who have suffered serious sexual assault I have been able to provide a centre to which they can go to receive the support and help they might need. In addition, forensic examinations can be made and statements taken by the police. The centre also has a direct video link with the court. It is possible, therefore, for victims of rape not to have to go to a police station or hospital or court, while receiving help and support.”

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