Operation Duxford Doncaster

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings recently observed officer undertaking Operation Duxford in Doncaster, which saw over 100 officers undertake a day of action to target criminals and provide reassurance to residents.

He was joined by Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones at the officer briefing involving teams from across the organisations and across the county.

Operation Duxford provides the district with additional resources for the day to perform many tasks that otherwise might take longer to achieve. Some of these tasks include enforcement – executing warrants, making arrests, closing down cannabis growing sites, catching speeding motorists – some is about engagement – talking to people in different communities –  and some is reassurance – high visibility patrolling.

Dr Billings accompanied a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) on patrol in the town centre providing reassurance to shoppers and retail workers.

During the operation six warrants for drug dealing and growing were executed. Five properties were found to be growing cannabis, 370 plants were seized with a street value of £370,000. Weapons and cash were found and six people arrested. There were fourteen arrests for other crimes and seven drivers had their vehicles seized for various motoring offences.

Dr Billings said: “One day of intense activity does not solve all the problems of the district. But it does send messages to criminals that the police are on to them and to communities that the police are on the job. And a great deal of intelligence is gathered for another day. “