PCC Responds to Crookes Stabbing

The PCC has released the following statement after last week’s fatal stabbing in the Crookes area of Sheffield.

“As a resident of Crookes, Sheffield, I was as concerned as any of my neighbours following the recent stabbing in our shopping centre.

“I was, however, surprised to read people saying that they never thought this could happen here – something that people often do say when a violent incident happens.

“We don’t know yet what the Crookes stabbing was all about, so I will not comment on that. But speaking more generally, what we can say is that if people carry knives, wherever they go, they take with them the potential for violence.

“It should, therefore, be a matter of concern for all of us, wherever we live, that some people in our towns and cities continue to take blades into public places. We need everyone to say this is not acceptable because until there is a greater willingness to report to the police, we will not get on top of this menace.”