PCC response to Covid19 Three Tier restrictions

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings has shared his thoughts on the latest restrictions for south Yorkshire that have been introduced.

Dr Alan Billings said: “The government seems to be struggling to bring down the rate of Covid19 infections as was clear from the sombre announcement from the Prime Minister that many parts of England will now be put under further restrictions as part of the new three tier categorisation that has been put in place.

“South Yorkshire has found itself in the second tier, meaning we can no longer go to other houses, or meet with other households indoors. We must also socialise in pubs and restaurants only with people from our own household.

“I understand the worry within communities as the government seeks to balance lives and livelihoods, and the threats to our mental health that restrictions on our freedoms can cause.

“We all want normality back in our lives though the only way we can have this is by following the rules, doing our bit and hopefully bringing this torrid time to an end.

“The police have been rightly asked to enforce these new laws. This is not something they will enjoy doing, any more than we enjoy having our social lives and liberties curtailed, but no one should doubt that they will enforce the law. Fortunately, the law is the same across all districts in the county.

“For those that may be struggling with the restrictions, there is help and support available. I hope that no one will suffer in silence. If they contact my office we can out them in touch with organisations that can help.”