PCC shows support ahead of Armed Forces Day

This year’s Armed Forces Day celebrations may be a little more muted than usual but nevertheless, the efforts of those who serve or have served our country, will not be forgotten.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings said: “The men and women who join the Armed Forces always stand ready to make great sacrifices in order to protect our nation. They also provide help and support to countries across the world when they need it most, delivering aid, providing logistical support, and responding to any cry for help they may hear.

“As well as those who are currently within the ranks, there are around 2.4 million armed forces veterans in the UK who have all gone above and beyond on behalf of their country at some time in their lives.

“South Yorkshire is one part of the country that sends many into the armed forces and receives many back when their service is completed.

“40% of veterans are under 64 years old and after a career with the military, many choose policing as their next endeavour, bringing a skill set like no other and a drive to keep people safe. We are incredibly lucky to have them.

“Whilst this year there will be no parade, no fanfare or children waving the Union Jack in the streets, to show how thankful we all are, we would like all those who serve or have served our country to know that we appreciate them and all that they do.”