PCC Statement in Relation to Police Attendance at the Murder of Marcus Ramsay in Firth Park

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “It is not my job to be a cheerleader for the police. But it is my job to be supportive and to speak out when the police and other emergency service personnel are impeded or, worse, attacked, when all they are doing is trying to keep people safe.

“This is becoming all too common where there are large and often unauthorised gatherings of the sort we saw at the weekend in Sheffield.

“There have been too many instances of ambulances being prevented from reaching the injured and police officers being resisted when they attempt to restore order.

“I urge everyone to think about the dangers this is presenting to all those who may find themselves in a situation where there is disorder and who may need emergency help.

“If the police are not given active support by the community lives are put at risk, and one day that might be our life or the life of a loved one.

“I urge people to think carefully about what has happened and to make up their minds to support the police, the ambulance workers and fire officers who are people like ourselves, with homes and families, and who deserve to be treated with proper respect as they work for our safety and protection.”