PCC Statement on COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “It may take the country many months to recover from this global health emergency. There are many steps that individuals and organisations should be taking and I urge all residents to follow Government advice in a calm and measured manner.

“I am working very closely with the Force and I am fully briefed on how they are responding and adapting to the ongoing situation. I am assured that the Force is managing effectively and that the interests of both residents and our police officers and staff are at the forefront of their decisions. I would like to thank all our dedicated police officers, PCSOs, staff and volunteers for their continued hard work and commitment at this very difficult time.

“My priority is to ensure that vulnerable people and victims of crime have access to vital services, many of which are commissioned by my Office. My staff are working hard to ensure these services can continue to operate and support vulnerable people when they need them.

“We are also engaging with criminal justice agencies, including courts and prisons, to understand how the system can continue to operate under these unique circumstances.

“My Office is following the Government guidance to prevent the spread of the virus. All members of my staff are able to work remotely and they have been asked to work mainly from home, whilst continuing to provide services and support to myself and our partners.

“I myself will be working from home and using technology to continue working with my Office and the Force to ensure that, as far as possible, business can continue and that the Force has the appropriate resources to deal with the situation ahead.

“I would like to thank our many partners who have worked with us to ensure that we can continue to hold important meetings albeit by conference call rather than in person.

“The Government announced last week that local, mayoral and police and crime commissioner elections are to be postponed until May 2021. This decision was the right decision in the current circumstances and I will be continuing as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire until those elections take place.”