PCC Visits Walkley to Hear Locals’ Concerns

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, visited the Walkley area of Sheffield last week to hear the concerns of local residents.

Dr Billings was accompanied by officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and Councillor Tom Hunt, following a number of issues that had been reported around anti-social behaviour and access to reporting incidents.

During the walkabout, residents shared their recent experiences and concerns and the policing team gathered key information to review and see what further support could be provided.

Following the visit, Dr Billings said: “I’m always keen to meet with local residents to hear first-hand the issues they are facing.

“I was pleased to be accompanied by Councillor Hunt and PC Sarah Forsythe and PC Eleanor Smith from the Neighbourhood Policing Team to help paint a full picture of what is happening in the area at both a police and council level.

“The officers provided reassurance to locals and identified areas where more targeted communication with residents is required.”