PCC Welcomes Violence Against Women and Girls Policing Framework

A new policing framework to tackle violence against women and girls has been welcomed by South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, and Graham Jones, head of the county’s Violence Reduction Unit.

All police forces are required to develop a local action plan to address violence against women and girls by March 2022, and the new framework has been published by the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs’ Council to support forces in doing so.

The framework sets out three pillars for each force to build its local action plan around. The first of these is ‘build trust and confidence’, which focuses on involving and consulting with relevant support organisations; building the correct capabilities within the police to address violence against women and girls; addressing sexism and misogyny within the police; and responding to allegations of abuse made against police officers.

Pillar 2 is ‘relentless perpetrator pursuit’, involving targeting the most dangerous offenders; using police powers to protect women and girls; and improving support for victims throughout the criminal justice process. The final pillar is ‘safer spaces’, and focuses on tackling the dangerous spaces and environments that women and girls face, both online and offline.

Commenting on the framework’s launch, Dr Billings said: “Violence against women and girls has emerged as one of the most important issues facing us as a society, with some terrible crimes committed in recent months and years, and I hope this new framework will be an important step forward in supporting police forces to tackle this issue.

“In South Yorkshire, we have already secured funding for the installation of new CCTV and lighting so that women and girls feel safer in outside spaces, and we have launched a programme to change perpetrator behaviour.

“Different organisations must work together closely to develop a joined up approach, from police forces, to local authorities, to Police and Crime Commissioners, voluntary and community groups, and faith groups.

“I am working with the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and other partners to develop this joined up approach in our county.”

Graham Jones, Head of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, said: “I welcome the publication of this new framework for police forces to support them in tackling violence against women and girls, and I look forward to working with South Yorkshire Police as they develop their local action plan.

“Violence against women and girls is one of the most serious issues we face today, and it is one that we are committed to addressing through the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

“As part of our efforts to develop a sustainable long term approach, we have brought together partner organisations from across South Yorkshire to identify the work currently taking place, and discuss how we can co-ordinate these efforts and work together more effectively.

“In January, we will be holding a further virtual event to give community groups, charities and support services the opportunity to share their views and inform the steps we are taking to address this issue.”

Further information on the new framework can be viewed here: https://news.npcc.police.uk/releases/violent-men-who-harm-women-warned-that-police-are-increasing-action-against-them