PCC’s Community Grants Scheme Supports Distance Learning Courses

Funding from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s community grants scheme is supporting people studying distance learning courses in prison with the Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET).

The Commissioner’s second year of supporting PET enabled learner Simon* to study a course in Nutrition for Physical Activity, building on Gym Instructor and Anatomy & Physiology courses he previously completed in prison.

Before starting his sentence, Simon had worked with trainers in gyms to further his knowledge of how to support people in developing healthy routines and activities. In his application to PET, he wrote: “This is something I’ve had an interest in for a long time. The jobs that I’m wanting to go towards all have this element in them and it is a good course to expand my knowledge in this subject, that will have a direct impact on what I can help people with, in the future.”

The Prisoners’ Education Trust receives funding from the PCC’s community grants scheme, Giving Back, which enables organisations to apply for funding up to £10,000 to support activities and projects across South Yorkshire, which support the aims of the Police and Crime Plan.

Simon added that he has spent time researching the subject both inside and outside prison, and that continuing his studies would have a positive impact on his future plans: “This course will benefit me greatly after prison because I’m wanting to become self-employed in this area. Having this qualification will enable me to go into further education and go towards my goal of being fully qualified to help people become healthy and happier.”

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, said: “I’m pleased to learn of the positive ways these individuals are benefiting from my community grants scheme, Giving Back.

“I believe helping those in prison make useful time of their sentence and develop new skills is a key part of their rehabilitation and the Prisoners‘ Education Trust provides a range of ways in which they can achieve this.”

The PCC’s grants scheme is currently accepting applications until the end of September. Find out more about the Giving Back grants scheme and how to apply here.

*Names have been changed