Pioneering Contract Awarded to South Yorkshire Sexual Violence Partnership

The South Yorkshire Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) and Children’s Independent Sexual Advisor (CHISVA) contract has been awarded to South Yorkshire Sexual Violence Partnership.

The contract was awarded following a competitive procurement process and will commence on the 1st April 2022.

The service supports the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) priority to protect vulnerable people and the contract ensures specialist support, advice and guidance for all victims, including victims of historic sexual violence.

Support is there for those who are progressing a case through the criminal justice system or those who may be considering reporting a crime, by providing a key link between the officer and the victim.

The ISVA service works closely with South Yorkshire Police and the National Crime Agency to ensure victims are kept informed of the progress of an investigation and can explain the process and support them throughout the journey.

Dedicated ISVA’s support victims at a time that is right for them, whether a victim has reported to the police or is thinking about reporting.

Following the announcement, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings said: “Our Independent Sexual Violence Advocate service offers help and advice for victims of rape and sexual abuse and their families.

“The team is trained to look after victim’s needs to ensure that they receive care and understanding. They help victims understand how the criminal justice process works, and explain things, such as what will happen if a victim decides to report to the police.