Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner went out with police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) in Rotherham on Tuesday, 12 May.

He started the day at Main Street Police Station where he attended the daily management meeting as senior officers set the priorities for the day based on the district demands.  The Commissioner then spent time with Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin and his senior command team discussing his key priorities.

After travelling over to Rawmarsh, to attend the launch of the ‘Adopt a Post Office’ pilot scheme, he met with local residents who explained the importance of feeling safe in their community.

Dr Billings said: “It is on visits like today that I get the opportunity to hear from police officers and residents about the differing demands facing communities.  People in Rotherham want to feel safe and the Adopt a Post Office scheme is one way of putting the police back in to the communities.

“Todays management briefing gave me an insight in to how the previous night or week’s demands determine how officers are deployed across the district.  What is becoming more apparent is that the demands are not always that of a criminal nature, with up to 80% of police time spent on other matters such as missing persons, scene sitting and dealing with vulnerable people.”

The Commissioner met with officers from Rotherham District’s Integrated Offender Management Unit, who explained the techniques they use to help keep ex-prisoners away from crime.  He also met with Operation Collaboration to hear about the partnership arrangements in place across the district before embarking on a tour of Eastwood.

He continued: “Since the publication of the Alexis Jay report in August 2014, Rotherham has been in the media too often for the wrong reasons.  What I have seen and heard today is evidence of how police and partners are working together to make Rotherham a safer place to live.

“I am confident that under the leadership of Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, officers here in Rotherham are fully committed to delivering the key priorities set out in my police and crime plan especially protecting vulnerable people.”

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin said: “We really appreciate the Commissioner spending time to understand the challenges we face on a daily basis.  Feedback from my team has been very positive and we are grateful for his continued support.”