Police Race Action Plan Welcomed

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the Police Race Action Plan released today by the National Police Chief’s Council and the College of Policing.

He said: “The plan sets out a commitment to tackling disparities faced by Black people in policing and criminal justice and looks to create a police service that is not only ‘not racist’ but actively anti-racist.

“I welcome the Plan and the workstreams set out within it.

“All police forces across the country must improve how they work with the Black community to ensure they are properly represented within policing and to promote a positive and inclusive culture where everyone is respected and treated fairly. Racism must not be tolerated.

“In South Yorkshire a lot of work is taking place to ensure that there is not a culture of racism and bias and that our officers, staff and the public are supported to call out and challenge if they witness any such behaviour.

“It is also important that we secure the trust and confidence of all of our communities in order to provide an effective policing service that works in partnership with communities and neighbourhoods to reduce crime and make people safer. Our officers are closely engaged with communities and we will strive to improve those links to ensure that members of our Black and other communities are not only represented, but actively and routinely engaged with by the police in South Yorkshire.

“We are currently undergoing the biggest recruitment of new officers that the force has seen in years. It is hugely important that these new recruits are representative of the communities they serve. A lot of work has been done to encourage people from Black and under-represented communities to consider a career in policing and our recent intake figures are showing some success. There is also support in place to help individuals develop and progress once they become a police officer or member of staff.

“There is still a lot of work to do, as this Plan sets out, but I do believe that South Yorkshire Police is in a good place and has already made considerable progress.”

The Police Race Action Plan can be read here.