Praise for Emergency Services Response to Hot Weather Major Incident

The soaring temperatures and associated fires have put an excessive demand on 999 services over the last couple of days leading to emergency services across South Yorkshire declaring a major incident yesterday evening.

South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and Yorkshire Ambulance Service are working closely to bring resources together and minimise risk and have asked the public to avoid calling 999 unless life is at risk.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has praised the emergency service workers for their efforts: “As the Police and Crime Commissioner, and also a member of the South Yorkshire Fire Authority, I want to thank all those officers from both services and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who were at work over the last few days of extreme weather, especially on Tuesday.

“All the emergency services were stretched as we faced multiple outbreaks of fire across the county on the same day.

“This required careful and swift response and managing.

“The situation was so serious that the public was only asked to dial 999 if life was immediately at risk.

“In the end a major incident was declared.

“We owe the emergency services officers thanks for the way they responded, tackled fires, managed evacuations and kept us safe.

“This was further evidence of the way the emergency services in South Yorkshire collaborate closely at all times.”

South Yorkshire Fire and rescue Service has issued the following request:

  • Don’t have a garden bonfire. Just don’t.
  • Leave the BBQs at home
  • Anonymously report anyone starting fires Firestoppers 0800 169 5558