Public Invited to Put Questions to Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner

Members of the public are invited to put their questions on policing and crime to the Chief Constable through the Police and Crime Commissioner’s regular Public Accountability Board.

The meetings are where Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, holds the Chief Constable to account and identifies where improvement is needed to achieve the priorities for policing as set out in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan. The meetings are part of Dr Billings’ commitment to delivering transparency and openness on behalf of the public.

Members of the force’s Chief Officer Team present reports at the meeting to update on regular performance issues as well as on areas where the Commissioner feels he needs more assurance. These reports include performance updates against the priorities set out in the Police and Crime PlanProtecting Vulnerable People, Tackling Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and Treating People Fairly. Updates are also provided from the four districts – Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield – as well as Atlas Court (the call-handling centre) and financial reporting.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner said: “It is important that the public have trust and confidence in policing and can see that money and resources are being used wisely to deliver the best possible service to keep our communities safe.

“The Chief Constable and I are both committed to an open and transparent system whereby the public can see the force explaining its performance and being scrutinised as this helps to increase trust in our processes and systems and deliver change where it is needed.

“I encourage the input of local residents in my public accountability meetings. Asking pertinent and relevant questions of the force helps me to deliver an efficient and effective police service for our communities and one that delivers on the needs of people in South Yorkshire.”

The next public meeting takes place on Thursday 2 February at the South Yorkshire Police Headquarters at Carbrook, Sheffield.

The district report will be provided by Doncaster and the performance report will be on how the force is performing against the priority of Protecting Vulnerable People. Also on the agenda will be the regular budget monitoring report for the quarter three period (1 October to 31 December).

Members of the public can attend and are able to submit questions in advance of the meeting.

The meetings are also livestreamed on our You Tube channel (@sypccmedia2429). They are also recorded and uploaded to the PCC’s website: where they can be viewed at any time.

Questions to either the force or the Police and Crime Commissioner may be asked but must be submitted at least three days in advance of the meeting via email to: [email protected]

Questions are limited to one question and one supplementary question per individual or organisation.  Public questions will be read out at the meeting and a response will be provided. Where this is not possible a written response will be provided as soon as possible following the meeting.

More details about the meetings and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s duty to hold the force to account are available on the website:

The dates of the future Public Accountability Board meetings are:

27 February 2023 at 2pm (this is a special meeting of the Board to approve the budget for 2023/24 and to set the council tax precept)

8 March 2023 – to include the Rotherham District Report and a performance report on the priority of Treating People Fairly.

Agendas are uploaded to the website five days before the meeting takes place.