“The Crime Statistics published today show that crime has risen across the country including South Yorkshire, in the year June 2017-2018.

“While the overall percentage increase is slightly less here than the national picture, any increase is unwelcome. Everyone in the country knows by now that the police have fewer resources both national and locally with which to respond to crime so we should not be surprised that in some areas there has been a rise.

“The significant falls in bicycle theft and burglaries are to be welcomed. Householders are getting better at protecting their properties and taking police advice. Shoplifting and vehicle offences are also down.

“But the areas that give me concern are those for violence against the person, stalking and harassment and public order offences.

“Those for stalking may be the result of more people willing to come forward – and that is a good thing.

“But we know that last year there was an increase in stabbings and other crimes of violence which is why South Yorkshire police, in conjunction with partners, have been working hard to put together joint strategies to tackle it. I expect there to  be further initiatives in future as we all work together to understand the underlying issues and then deal with them.

“I firmly believe that the restoration of neighbourhood policing will help to improve police intelligence and help reduce crime.

“Public order has been an issue in Sheffield with the protests around the council’s tree felling programme. There may well be similar protests in the coming year around fracking. In both cases these are matters which the police can do little about other than to maintain law and order, but they are immensely costly in terms of police resources which we all, as council tax payers, have to fund.”