Refresh for the PCC grants scheme with more money from criminal enterprise used for good causes

Over the past seven years the Police and Crime Commissioner has awarded almost £1.7million in grants to South Yorkshire organisations which aim to cut crime and anti-social behaviour and keep people safe, particularly in more disadvantaged areas.

Now, the Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, will be offering organisations the opportunity to bid for up to £10,000 to aid their projects, but this time much of the money will be coming from a different source – those who commit crimes.

This will be assets retrieved from criminals by South Yorkshire Police using the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). The assets that criminals and criminal gangs have taken from South Yorkshire neighbourhoods will be put back into projects that make a difference to the places that need it most.

Dr Alan Billings said: “The maximum grant an organisation could apply for was £5000, but I am doubling that to £10,000 by adding extra funding from money confiscated through criminal activity.

“The POCA funds are particularly welcomed because it means that we are taking money out of the hands of drug dealers, organised criminals and those who terrorise communities, and putting it instead into the hands of those who do run good and worthwhile projects and activities.

“We have given funds in the past to organisations that provide support for victims of domestic violence, and regularly award funding to community groups for young people – these include boxing gyms, sporting activities and arts projects for disadvantaged young people”

“We also fund opportunities for those living in difficult circumstances to get out and experience some of the things that the rest of us may take for granted.

“The grants scheme helps to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. It supports the work done by South Yorkshire Police.”

The new application for grant funding is now available on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website