Response to Crime Statistics for 2019

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the quarterly statistics for police recorded crime.

Overall the level of recorded crime (excluding fraud) for England and Wales shows an increase of 4%. In South Yorkshire the increase is less, at 2%.

The picture, however, is mixed with some crimes showing an increase and some a decrease.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Although crime overall in South Yorkshire has increased slightly by 2% for the year ending 2019, this is half the national figure of 4%, and there are some welcome results in some areas.

The picture is a mixed one and care needs to be taken in interpreting the statistics. For instance, drug offences have increased by 35%, but this means that the police have been more pro-active in catching those who deal drugs.

“Some of the decreases in crime are very much to be welcomed. For instance, the figures for knife and sharp instrument offences have decreased in South Yorkshire by 2%, whereas in England and Wales as a whole (excluding Greater Manchester) there has been a rise of 7%. This is good news for the county.

“Theft is also down by 2% and criminal damage and arson by 5%, far greater than the national picture.

“Although some serious crimes have increased in South Yorkshire, the rate of increase has been much lower here. Stalking and harassment rose by 5%, but nationally by 20%. Robbery increased by 2%, but by 12% nationally.

“Crime figures will always rise and fall, the important thing is to understand the longer-term trends.”