South Yorkshire PCC Meets with Barnby Dun and Kirk Sandall Parish Council

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings met with the Barnby Dunn and Kirk Sandall Parish Council this week, to discuss the concerns of local residents.

On the agenda were topics including burglaries, knife crime and anti-social behaviour.

As well as discussions on crime, the Parish Council also sought clarity on how best to contact the police, who to contact for specific types of crime and questions around police funding.

Speaking after the meeting, Dr Billings said: “I always welcome the opportunity to meet with local parish councils to hear first-hand, the issues they are facing.

“The Barnby Dunn and Kirk Sandall Parish Council had a few areas of concern, notably recent burglaries and I was joined by local inspector, Alison Carr, who provided reassurance that all burglaries are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly to identify repeat patterns and the methods of operation used by the groups who carry out these crimes.”

“Inspector Carr also highlighted the need for residents to report any crime or anti-social behaviour to assist with investigations.”

To report a crime or incident, phone 101 or report online at

If you wish to report anything anonymously, this can be done via Crimestoppers.