South Yorkshire PCC: Share Your Views to Help Shape Future of Reporting Crime

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, is asking residents to contribute their views to a national survey, designed to understand more about the public’s experience when contacting their local police force.

Participants are being asked a series of questions in the Police Contact Survey on their understanding of emergency and non-emergency reporting systems, as well as newly emerging ways of contacting the police, like web chat, online forms and messaging over social media.

The survey, run by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, will help inform police forces, the Home Office and local commissioners on any challenges around reporting to the police and assist in forming plans for the future.

Dr Billings said: “We live in an ever-changing technical world, communicating in multiple ways and it’s reassuring that different methods are being explored for how the public can report crimes.

“The needs of those making contact must be understood and forces must prioritise those most in need. I am keen to understand the public’s view and look forward to understanding how their feedback is taken onboard.”

The public is invited to submit their views until the national survey closes on Sunday 26 June.

Complete the survey here.