Statement on Plymouth Shooting

The appalling killing of five people in Plymouth on Friday by a lone gunman has implications for all police forces and all communities.

First, we must ensure that the system we have in place for gun licensing is robust.

There may be lessons to learn from what has happened, not least for examining what social media may reveal about an applicant.

It is also a timely reminder of the important but largely unseen work that our licensing staff undertake on our behalf.

Second, and more broadly, what Plymouth shows is the need for a further dimension to the strategy for tackling violence against women and girls that we are seeking to develop for all of South Yorkshire through the Violence Reduction Unit.

We now know about the existence of networks on the internet that fuel the deep hatred that some men have for women, and the potential threat this creates both for women in their household and for strangers, both women and men, if they start to vent their fury in the community around them.

There is need for greater vigilance all round if we are to remain safe.