The Doncaster Talking Newspaper invited Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner to Sprotborough Library on Wednesday, 17 October 2018 to interview him on local policing issues.

Journalist Alex Haig discussed local policing issues with the Commissioner, including the numbers of police officers in Doncaster and the national picture of 65% of crimes in the UK not resulting in a person being brought to justice

Dr Billings explained that there were fewer officers now than in the past. This meant that the police had to triage crimes – some would be investigated because they were significant crimes, such as murder, or there was a good chance of a successful outcome, because there was reliable evidence. But others might not be pursued because there was likely to be little useable evidence and no witnesses.

In addition, sometimes some victims and potential witnesses would not co-operate with the police.  .

He reassured the listeners that South Yorkshire Police were among the best forces for investigating crime.

Dr Billings praised the Talking Newspaper.  “This is a crucial service for those who are unable to read newspapers themselves.  We have radio and television, but their news bulletins do not always go into issues in a way that a newspaper would.

“I would like to thank them for inviting me along to offer reassurance to some of the more vulnerable people in the county.

The Doncaster Talking Newspaper is a charity that provides fortnightly news broadcasts for the blind and visually impaired.  They provide stories from the local press that are posted out to listeners on a memory stick.

Alex Haig from the Doncaster Talking Newspaper said: “It was great to hear the steps being implemented by Dr Billings, such as employing staff from the most successful Police force (Durham) to bring improvements to South Yorkshire.

“Our listeners could easily feel more vulnerable and I think this interview will be very reassuring to them that things are moving forward in a positive way for South Yorkshire”.

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